Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cheat leveling ninja saga [EXP BOOST]

Cheat leveling ninja saga [EXP BOOST]
Cheat leveling ninja saga [EXP BOOST]   , Cheat ninja saga this time named Cheat leveling ninja saga [EXP BOOST]  , use the cheat ninja saga is as good as possible do not be too high incidence of later addiction , This ninja saga facebook game ... ok immediately wrote to the tutor Cheat leveling ninja saga [EXP BOOST]   cekidott!.

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Cheat leveling ninja saga [EXP BOOST]  

    * Fiddler
    * SWF

1. Buka Fiddler2
2. Pilih tab Auto Responder. Centang Enable... - Permit...
3. Drag style_shop.swf ke Tab Auto Responder.
5. Buka Ninja Saga - Style Shop
6. Silahkan pilih..

Levleing Aman

1. jika dari level 1, maksimal ke level 15.
2. dari level 15 maksimal ke level 25.
3. dari 25 maksimal ke 35.
4. dari 35, maksimal ke 41.
5. level 40 ke atas, maksimal sehari hanya 4 level.
6. level 50 ke atas, maksimal sehari 3 level.

NB: Cheat yang work hanya cheat EXP. Cheat pet tidak work lagi !

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