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Keiko Ninja Saga Pet

Keiko Ninja Saga Pet

Keiko Ninja Saga Pet , Cheat ninja saga this time named Keiko Ninja Saga Pet, use the cheat ninja saga is as good as possible do not be too high incidence of later addiction , This ninja saga facebook game ... ok immediately wrote to the tutor Keiko Ninja Saga Pet  cekidott!.
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Keiko Ninja Saga Pet

Keiko is a toad skilled in fighting and specializes fire element. This pet can be acquired at the Pet Shop for 400 Tokens.


-Attack - 3/3
-Defense - 1/3
-Support - 3/3


  1. Basic attack - Pet's basic attack.
  2. Toad Lick - A toad lick which causes restriction for 1 turn.
    Learning this attack costs 200,000 Gold.
  3. Fiery Flame - A Fire based attack that comes out from pet's mouth which causes 3% Burn for 2 turns.Really helpfull with bosses.
    Learning this attack costs 300,000 Gold
  4. Secret: Honorable Sword Strike: Ultimate Taijutsu - Slash target with its sai to disable target from attacking with weapons (2 turns) or in NPC`s case it`s like 2 turns restriction.
    Learning this attack costs 500,000 Gold + 5 Level 1 Magatama
  5. Secret: Ghost Sonic - Ultimate Genjutsu - Sing the song of ghost to inflict chaos on target (cannot control character and use jutsu) (1 turn)
    Learning this attack costs 1,000,000 Gold + 6 Level 1 Magatama + 4 Level 2 Magatama + 2 Level 3 Magatama
  6. Oil Bottle - Intake the energy drink to immediately complete all cooldowns of Keiko's Fiery Flame.
    Learning this attack costs 1,500,000 Gold + 10 Level 1 Magatama + 8 Level 2 Magatama + 6 Level 3 Magatama + 4 Level 4 Magatama + 2 Level 5 Magatama.

Image Keiko Ninja Saga Pet

Keiko Ninja Saga Pet


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