Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Cheat Ninja Saga Stat Hack

Cheat Ninja Saga Stat Hack

Cheat Ninja Saga Stat HackCheat ninja saga this time named Cheat Ninja Saga Stat Hack,cheat ninja saga collection, use the cheat ninja saga is as good as possible do not be too high incidence of later addiction ,Cheat Ninja Saga Stat Hack is great, with this Cheat Ninja Saga Stat Hack we will be a god, just try to Cheat Ninja Saga Stat Hack.
ninja saga is one of the popular games on facebook, and also like a ninja games naruto games, his technique is similar to naruto.
its cool game anyway.
This ninja saga facebook game ... ok immediately wrote to the tutor Cheat Ninja Saga Stat Hack cekidott!.
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Cheat Ninja Saga Stat Hack

Ninja Saga Stat Hack Ninja Saga Stat Hack
Ninja Saga Stat Hack –  Here I will Share Ninja Saga Stat Hack Using HotKeys + C.E(Not Permanent). 
Ninja Saga Stat Hack Features:
  • v1 : (+) 400 All Stats
v5 Update:
  •  5000 All Stat except Wind only 400
  •  With Hotkeys
  •  With Reset
Ninja Saga Stat Hack Instructions:
  • The instructions is in the program
  • When you start to battle select your chosen hotkey
  • When the battle is finished click z in order to disable and not
  • to get detected icon smile Ninja Saga Stat Hack


  • Chrome -> Chrome.exe
  • Interne explorer -> ie.exe
  • Mozilla -> Plugin container.exe

Ninja Saga Stat Hack Step by step

  • Open ninja saga
  • Open Cheat engine Choose proses Plugin container.exe In Mozila
  • Scan You Gold
  • After The Scanning Your Gold Copy The Addresss  And Paste it In Ninja Saga – Stats Hack And Click Check Default
  • Use The Hotkey

Ninja Saga Stat Hack Hotkey :

  • Fire         -> Q
  • Wind       -> W
  • Thunder  -> E
  • Water     -> R
  • Earth      -> T
  • CREDIT : Fbhax0r Element Hack[TOOL]
Ninja Saga Stat Hack DOWNLOAD LINK 

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