Saturday, November 5, 2011

Ninja Saga Cheat Anti Stun & Sleep

Ninja Saga Cheat Anti Stun & Sleep

Ninja Saga Cheat Anti Stun & Sleep  Cheat ninja saga this time named Ninja Saga Cheat Anti Stun & Sleep  ,cheat ninja saga collection, use the cheat ninja saga is as good as possible do not be too high incidence of later addiction ,Ninja Saga Cheat Anti Stun & Sleep   is great, with this Ninja Saga Cheat Anti Stun & Sleep  we will be a god, just try to Ninja Saga Cheat Anti Stun & Sleep  .
ninja saga is one of the popular games on facebook, and also like a ninja games naruto games, his technique is similar to naruto.
its cool game anyway.
This ninja saga facebook game ... ok immediately wrote to the tutor Ninja Saga Cheat Anti Stun & Sleep   cekidott!.
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Ninja Saga Cheat Anti Stun & Sleep

This is a cheat for ninja saga, a facebook game that have many players. Today Ninja Saga cheat will expose how to make your Ninja saga character Anti Stun and anti sleep by item in store.

-File swf (

Step by steps:
1. Open and run filder.
2. Click on Tab Autoresponder.
3. Check the "Enable automatic responses" and also "Permit passthrough for Unmatched request".
4. Drop .SWF file that you have downloaded earlier to the column "Autoresponder".
5. After that clean your browser caches.
6. Go to Ninja Saga.
7. Select a new character would you play.
8. Go to Shop (you must select the item!).

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