Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Benefits of Using Lean Simulations

The Benefits of Using Lean Simulations

By Cristal Mcmeans

Lean production refers to a practice of constantly using resources to pursue constant customer value and satisfaction, and any other business process that doesn't aim for this is considered wasteful. Through the eyes of the customer, the term "value" refers to anything that the customer is willing to pay good money for.
Many savvy business owners are very much familiar with the concepts and ideas of lean, maximum customer value with minimum waste. When unnecessary functions are taken out of the picture, the result is a more productive and efficient company. The question is how do you effectively apply the concept of lean manufacturing to your employees? Simple; just ask the kid in you.
An effective way of teaching lean concepts is through games. Games get employees more interested in observing these concepts in motion. The idea can be taught and then reinforced with a game or simulation. Games engrain these ideas by actually experiencing them, resulting in a more conscious, productive, and efficient worker.
The problem with conventional presentations and training sessions is that you have a hard time getting the interest of your audience. To make things worse, they usually wish they'd be somewhere else. Lean simulations get them more involved, keeping them interested in the activity. Games enforce employees to be active, and a great way of learning is by doing. Furthermore, what better way to learn than by having fun?
Lean simulations provide real-world scenarios without taking too much time and resources. They can be done anywhere without having to interrupt business processes. Games and simulations are also a good way to boost confidence and skill of your workers. Getting them involved in different situations can make them realize their abilities and see what it's like in managing certain jobs.
Simulations are a good way of experiencing real-life situations and real-life scenarios in your business. When you see certain employees shine through during lean simulations, you'll have no problem seeing effective workers and potential leaders. Lean games also stray away from a professional environment, instead allowing you to socialize and interact with your workers. With a looser environment, your employees will be more involved and have fun learning and applying different lean concepts, resulting in a more streamlined business.
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