Saturday, March 12, 2011

Toys For Tokens

Toys For Tokens

By Greg Pierce

Each of us has that child in us that we have always enjoyed even though change comes and we grow in age. Going to amusement parks, world of fun, or malls would increase our excitement and allow us to be that child again. Man has that desire to be happy and we have always wanted to pursue the things that would make us happy. It would be more special if the people that are dear to us would be with us as we get to enjoy the things that the amusement park, world of fun or malls could offer. With the pressure that school, work, family and other important things that we need to comply to-we need a break or two. What better way to relax than to seize the moment of fun?
Tokens are not new to us; we have come to associate tokens with the word fun. This word becomes alive as we step into that place where we get to play, be young, and get exhausted at the end. Yet the exhaustion we feel at the end is worth it. You buy tokens with a specific amount and with that tokens you have the power to make gaming machines work and the play begins. At some gaming machines, tokens are usually given by the machine or game that you are playing. Some would have tickets as a prize for playing the game. The quantity you receive from the machine would matter on your performance in the game but whether you did great or not, you still get tokens or tickets as a reward. And the cycle goes on. The fun thing about this is that you get to win prizes such as toys and other cool stuffs if you get enough tickets or tokens to exchange it for. You can choose the toys or stuffs that you would like to redeem, remember though - the fancier the prize, the higher the amount of tokens or tickets that you have to acquire.
Who says having fun can't be more fun? As you enjoy playing, you also have the chance to win something to be brought home. From whatever stage you are in your life right now - it is never too late to have fun. You can enjoy these simple things and make it as an activity that is relaxing and escaping the world for a while as well. So, who wants toys for tokens?
Of the many choices for baby gifts, giving out a simple letter art may do the purpose of giving. After all, letters can be holistic gifts to give to children.
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