Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cheat Ninja Saga Fast Run 16-03-2011

Cheat Fast Run 16-03-2011

cheat ninja saga,cheat ninja saga terbaru

wow now we'll see you again in this time I will be posting
Cheat Ninja Saga Fast Run 16-03-2011 maret
, this latest saga is definitely the cheat ninja saga-cheat latest saga is not often in use later easement heehhhehe .. . This latest saga cheat ninja will soon be in post now, see also  cheat ninja saga clain reward cloting

heloo! NEW now publishes :

Cheat Ninja Saga Fast Run 16-03-2011 maret

on this blog Cheat Ninja saga is also very rarely found, Cheat ninja latest saga is sure to mean for you all.

  remember do not often use the cheat ninja this saga because the bill would  kidding hehehehe .... latest saga in the cheat ninja published 16 March 2011

Required Tools Cheat ninja saga:

steps Cheat ninja saga 16 maret

    1. Open Fb mu and Login
    2. Open Apps Ninja Saga
    3. Open Cheat Engine
    4. Select Plugin Container / Browser mu
    5. Scan Type Exact Value of his
    6. His Value Type 4 Byte
    7. Then scan your number of Gold boxed HEX
    8. If you can Adrees many go to Shop and buy smoke Bomb
    9. After the Scan Again Total Gold mu After purchasing a smoke Bomb
   10. Then click Next Scan
   11. if you've to first address Double-click the address to appear in the table below
   12. Adrees then double click on the bottom of the table
   13. Adrees replace the example XXXXXXX9C replace Become XXXXXXXD0 -> its Zero Edge
   14. Later Adrees the Change Automatic to your level to 499
   15. then right click sets a hotkey and type the numbers 1
   16. then go to Kage Room or House Hunting
   17. Press number 1 if more is on Hunting House or Kage Room
   18. Stay deh run mission

NB 1: This cheat well in use in hunting House. and do not be in use this cheat in LivePVP to uphold Sportipitas fellow Player NS.

ok,good luck ..

Cheat ninja saga

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