Saturday, March 12, 2011

Cheat Ninja Saga ( Misi Emblem )

Cheat Ninja Saga ( Misi Emblem )
cheat ninja saga,cheat ninja saga terbaru

wow now we'll see you again in this time I will be posting Cheat Ninja Saga ( Misi Emblem ), this latest saga is definitely the cheat ninja saga-cheat latest saga is not often in use later easement heehhhehe .. . This latest saga cheat ninja will soon be in post now, see also  cheat ninja saga clain reward cloting

heloo! NEW now publishes
Cheat Ninja Saga ( Misi Emblem ) on this blog Cheat Ninja saga is also very rarely found, Cheat ninja latest saga is sure to mean for you all.

  remember do not often use the cheat ninja this saga because the bill would  kidding hehehehe .... latest saga in the cheat ninja published 12 March 2011

Required Tools Cheat ninja saga

fiddler (DOWNLOAD)

steps Cheat ninja saga 12 maret


1.Open fiddler
2.Extract the RAR archive
3.Drop the SWF file into the autoresponder tab in fiddler
4.Open Firefox and clear cache
5.Force traffic to Fiddler
6.Log-in to Ninjasaga and Choose your character
7.go to kage room and playing mision emblem


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